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Homosexual men and women are NOT abnormal.
Ex-gay organizations began in the U.S. with Evangelical Christians, but have since spread to include Catholic, LDS (original name: MORMON)  Jewish, Muslim and non-religious groups. We hope these interviews provide you with additional insight regarding the complex issue of homosexuality and ex-gay ministries (agencies).
EX-GAY Ministries, "Well meaning people but...

"Two of the original co-founders of Exodus International, left the group and in 1979, held a life commitment ceremony. They went on to become an outspoken critic of Exodus and the ex-gay movement.  In June 2007 issued an apology for his part in the ex-gay movement.

Interview with: Reverend Dr. Neil G Thomas
Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church,  Los Angeles
Programs to change gays to straights don't work!

Efforts to switch a person's sexual orientation through aversive treatments might cause harm, including loss of sexual feeling, suicidality, depression and anxiety.

Interview with: Rabbi, Elliot Dorff,  Ph.D.
Rector and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
American Jewish University
Ex-Gay camps are harmful, hurtful and psychologically damaging.

Being gay it is not a disease or a problem that needs to be fixed through camps or medication.

Interview with: Sara Farooqi
Board Member and Outreach Coordinator
Muslims For Progressive Values
Ex-Gay ministries do not work.

We have a lot of people who have been through the program, here at our Church…

Message from:
Reverend Susan E. Wolfe
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church,North Hollywood, CA
to STOP all forms of bigotry and hatred based on fear and misinformation.