M I S S I O N: Our vision and goal is to educate people about gay culture in order to promote mutual  respect, harmony, tolerance and positive change.
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religion and the gay issue
We are reaching out to all faith based communities across America and offering them educational material, facts and solid information about gay culture.  The old days are gone. There is a new and strong UNITY in the gay and straight community determined to come out with great pride and share our humanity and contribution to society with anyone who would like to listen.  The truth is, “We are as old as humanity itself.”   
Most of us in the gay community do understand where the hatred is coming from and many of us are angered for the stubborn interpretation of the scripture by some  and preaching hatred to their followers. This is not free speech it is hate speech.

The day will come and when looking back, I hope they will see the horrendous damage they’ve  made, especially to young people who are confused and have nowhere to turn, once they find out their sexual orientation.  Unfortunately it will be too late.   Already the suicide rate amongst gay youth is two or three time higher that the straight youth. 
The religious leaders need to read up on the latest scientific research and understand that being gay, definitely is not a CHOICE it is a way of life, just as any other quality  or personality attained by birth. Choosing to hate and preach anti-gay messages is a choice.

We are extending a hand and more: EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL and lots of stories from wonderful people who happened to be gay or they are related to gay people in one way or other.

Not all news is bad news. There are many churches, almost in all denominations who accept gay people, understand the nature of our way of life, and ARE supportive.  We are thankful for that.

Gay Culture Education
"Render unto Caesar
what is Caesar's"
Unitarian Universalist
Affirmation of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People
Reverend Barbara J. Pescan

'Love ye one another' is as good a place as any to uncover the origins of the first of the seven principles we promote in Unitarian Universalism: We affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Using our minds and hearts and life experiences as reliable instruments to discern what is right, we enter the combined history and traditions of Unitarians and Universalists to articulate where we stand in relation to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people.   ...more
The relationship between religions like Islam, Judaism and Christianity and homosexuality can be complicated. There are many varieties of religions, almost in all denominations who accept gay people, understand the nature of our way of life, and ARE supportive.  We hope these interviews provide you with additional insight regarding the complex issue of homosexuality and religion.
"It is far too simplistic to say that the scripture condemns homosexuality"

Over the centuries people have misunderstood or misinterpreted the Bible. Reverend Dr. Neil G Thomas is talking to us about, What the Bible Says - And Doesn't Say - About Homosexuality

Reverend Dr. Neil G Thomas
Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church,  Los Angeles
There is room for gay people in Islam.

Historically, Muslim countries were very accepting of gays, lesbians and transexuals. So much so, that the Europeans called them "homo-tolerant".

Interview with: Ani Zonneveld
President and Co-Founder,
Muslims For Progressive Values
What is the Jewish view on homosexuality?

Judaism has nothing against an individual who has an attraction to members of his/her gender. Judaism sees people, not sexual labels. And all people are respected equally.

Interview with: Rabbi, Elliot Dorff,  Ph.D.
Rector and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
American Jewish University
Grace and Mercy are the attributes we are reminded in the Qur'an

The Qur'an does not prescribe a clear way of dealing with homosexuality.

Interview with: Sara Farooqi
Board Member and Outreach Coordinator
Muslims For Progressive Values
We are still in the process of learning to welcome gay people.

There is a good majority of Lutheran Churches that welcome people of all sexual orientation.

Message from:
Reverend Susan E. Wolfe
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church,North Hollywood, CA
Our GIFT from God includes our sexuality.

The Bible talks about sexual outsiders, eunuchs, and acceptance of the "OTHERS". Not all world religions have a problem with homosexuality.

Conversation with:
Rev. Scott E. Bartlett
Bethel Lutheran Church, Los Angeles, CA
Article: Washington Post, March 2010

"I would never worship a homophobic God"

The writer, Bishop Tutu is archbishop emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa. He won the
Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.

Article, NOT VIDEO
to STOP all forms of bigotry and hatred based on fear and misinformation.