Become part of our creative group and/or recommend anyone else you think would be interested. Together we can really make a difference; educating the American people about our rights to exist as full citizens.  The gay community must demand respect from a society which is blinded by bigotry and ignorance.
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-Creative Writer: Public Service Announcement
-Creative Writer: Web Content
-Creative Writer: PR Articles
-Web Designer
-Graphic Artist

-Experts on Gay History
-Attorneys?Legal Help
-Development Specialist

-Production Assistants (Video/Interviews)
-Production Assistant (For the Producer)
-Production Coordinators (Pre-Production/Video/Interviews)
-Final Cut Pro Editor

What we already have to get this work started:
-High Definition Video Equipment
-Camera People and Video Editors

-Be able to meet with the group, once  a week (1-2 hrs.)
-Most communication will be conducted by e-mails
-Creativity, Passion and Faith in our  Mission is a must

Below is a list of the kind of people we need:
email me
Tell us about you
Why would you join the group?  How would you contribute to our mission?  Tell us about your experience or profession. Do you want to serve as an “expert source” for one of our projects?

To get started, simply e-mail me a few lines.  We look forward to working with you.