Conversation with:
Dr. Benjamin Bateman
Assistant Professor, English
(Emphasis: Gender and Sexuality Studies)
California State University, Los Angeles
Why have gay people been discriminated against for so long?
Often parents are invested in the “happiness” and “normalcy” of their child.
A gay or lesbian may run the risk of not being accepted or being rejected by family members, and possibly cut-off from emotional support.
We are living in a society or system who’s rules, norms and expectations are built around the "norm" of heterosexuality. 
Dr. Benjamin Bateman Assistant Professor of English; Ph.D., University of VirginiaIn addition to 20th century literature, Dr. Bateman's fields of expertise include studies in popular culture and gender and sexuality. He is particularly interested in representations of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism in literature television, film, music and various digital arenas, including weblogs, commercial websites and chat rooms.