"The origins of homosexuality,
as we understand it today, is actually the origin of written language."

Interview with: Joseph R. Hawkins Ph.D.
Anthropologist, President of
ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives
The American Gay Rights Movement:
A Timeline
the origins/history of homosexuality
Welcome to the “History of Homosexuality” segment, where we have interviewed  a diverse group of experts in their respective fields to talk about the history of gay culture. They have been kind enough to answer a few questions about the origins of homosexuality, how it has changed over time, and the negative perceptions of – and discrimination against– homosexuals in our society. We believe that this knowledge will be helpful in promoting respect and understanding of the gay community. We hope you will find these segments to be informative and tell your friends and family about them.
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The Way Of The Two Spirited People

In Native American culture, before the Europeans came to the America's, "two-spirit" referred to an ancient  teaching.

By Sandra Laframboise and Michael Anhorn
From: Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society
Gay Law Historical Perspective (USA)

Homosexuality has been a feature of human culture since earliest history.

Interview with: Thomas F. Coleman
Attorney at Law

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