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Films We Recommend
XXYis a 2007 Argentine film written and directed by Lucía Puenzo. The film stars Ricardo Darín, Valeria Bertuccelli, Inés Efron and Martín Piroyansky. It tells the story of a 15-year-old intersex person, the way her family copes with her condition and the ultimate decision that she must eventually make as she explores her sexuality.
Ma vie en rose (English transl.: My Life in Pink) is a 1997 Belgian film directed by Alain Berliner. It tells the story of Ludovic, who was born a boy and who consistently insists that he's supposed to be a girl. The film shows the struggle over gender identity he and his family go through.
Parents have a responsibility to protect, cloth, feed, shelter and love their children whether they are born with blue eyes or brown, left handed, gifted or disabled, gay, straight, or transgendered.

by Janet McCulloch, Canada

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When Your Child Is Gay:
                                Parenting Advice.
When a gay child breaks the news about his or her homosexual identity, some parents may have a hard time dealing with it.

Reverend Dr. Neil G Thomas
Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church,
Los Angeles
Straight Parents Gay Children
Your child may need you and the family now more than ever.

Interview with: Maximilian E. Fuentes Fuhrmann, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology/Gerontology
No one chooses his or her sexuality.  Heterosexuals didn't "choose" to be straight; Homosexuals didn't "choose" to be gay. 
We hope you can find it in your heart to be kind toward your gay child.  They long for your love and acceptance, not your condemnation. And if you can't give them your acceptance at this stage, that's OK too, but don't deny them your love.  We would like to share some informative material that will hopefully help you and other parents of gay children, so please listen to what the professionals have to say:
As a parent , you are your child's biggest advocate!
Accepting that you have a gay child can be quite a difficult thing, especially if you come from a conservative background. As a parent, you are your child's biggest advocate.

Interview with: Gabrielle J. Forman Psychotherapist
Advice for parent with gay teenagers - Dr. Fernando Gutierrez, EdD, JD
(818) 457-0376

When a gay child breaks the news about his or her homosexual identity, some parents may have a hard time dealing with it. Your child may need you and the family now more than ever.
Accepting Your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender Child.

Don't count your gay child out!  You can't turn your back on them.

Interview with: Joseph R. Hawkins Ph.D.
Anthropologist, President of
ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives
(213) 741 0094
Forcing your gay child to be straight will not make them happier.

"It is a great injustice to persecute homosexuality as a crime, and cruelty too."
Sigmund Freud

Interview with: Vernon Rosario, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA
Department of Psychiatry
Your Son or Daughter is Coming Out.

Just because your child is gay doesn't mean you are not going to have a wedding or grandchildren. There are now thousands of gay couples in committed relationships who are raising children.

Interview with: Rabbi, Elliot Dorff,  Ph.D.
Rector and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
American Jewish University
Parents of gay children need to free themselves of prejudices.

Your child needs your loving support.

Interview with: Ani Zonneveld
President and Co-Founder,
Muslims For Progressive Values
Parents need to be supporting and loving of their gay children.

It is a difficult process for everyone and if you have questions, seek out support groups such as PFLAG.

Interview with: Sara Farooqi
Board Member and Outreach Coordinator
Muslims For Progressive Values
God gave you this child, it is your job
to love them.

You need to maintain open channels of communication with your gay child.

Message from:
Reverend Susan E. Wolfe
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church,North Hollywood, CA
God Loves You and Your Gay Child.

TGod loves you, his child in a very special and personal way. Not all world religions have a problem with homosexuality.

Conversation with:
Rev. Scott E. Bartlett
Bethel Lutheran Church, Los Angeles, CA
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Same-sex couples can be effective parents, researchers find

Largest study of gay parents shows their children to be well adjusted. Research shows that families headed by gay and lesbian parents are as healthy as traditional families.

Adam W. Fingerhut, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology
Loyola Marymount University, LA