M I S S I O N: Our vision and goal is to educate people about gay culture in order to promote mutual  respect, harmony, tolerance and positive change.
Q:Why do we need to inform/educate about gay culture?

A: People need to stop being ignorant. Start embracing the truth and the real facts, need to educate themselves about gay people and culture.  Enough with gay bashing, homophobia, bigotry, religious misinformation, fear, and ignorance. Enough with discrimination in the work place like in the state of Pennsylvania, enough with violent crimes, and vandalism of personal property of Gay persons.

One of the most widely used excuse of hatred against gays are the thousand years old scriptures.  Many people use religion and scriptures as an excuse for their own personal prejudices. But if you read Charlie Bradley’s article in our HOMOPHOBIA section, you will see that it has been widely proven that the words of the Bible, specifically those regarding Sodom and Gomorrah, were not written to implicitly condemn homosexuality. Those verses are in fact referring to any promiscuous, frivolous sexual activity that takes place outside the confines of a loving, committed, monogamous relationship.

So we need to educate and educate and educate until all those who are ignorant or poisoned with hatred will come to their senses and stop preaching misinformation.  This website is for them.

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to STOP all forms of bigotry and hatred based on fear and misinformation.
Q: Spiritually speaking, how do you educate this level of homophobic ignorance?

This, sadly, is an excerpt from a forum:

"I dont have anything against black people, i like them.Ive never sucked a **** in my life. Their is 100 percent straight guys left, i know because i am one.I would tell you to kiss my **, but since you are gay that would be impossible. Gays cant reproduce so eventually they will grow old and die. You go around sucking **** and getting poked in the **** and you call me stupid. ha ha what a laugh. Iuse to shop in Charleston,no more because its a gay town,hell you cant go to sears anymore without getting checked out by gays, I go to Logan now."
"Havent you heard of Sodom and Gomorrah you need to do a little more reading"
"Its not normal to be gay. Animials are not gay. Why do you gays like your own kind. You cant please a woman thats why. If a nice woman dont turn you one theirs something very wrong with you.Your a sick human being,sub human in my book. Stay the hell away from me. Stay out of Boone County"
"You need to read the bible"      etc etc etc
A: “…progress depends not only on changing laws but also changing hearts, and that real, transformative change never begins in Washington.”
President Obama in a historic move, addressed a group of  LGBT advocates
at the White House to commemorate the Stonewall Riots.
Q: Why do people bash on homosexuality?

A: From: jukeJAKIE:
I think Hatred and Racism is taught at a very early age. It takes Generations to overcome these teachings and it starts with me and you. Rather than wonder, I think acting on changing these attitudes in our own lives is also a way to understand others points of view. Some you will be successful at changing and others you will not, but you will always go to bed at night knowing you did something to support the change

From: CANDYgrl
I think the main thing is that people are just afraid of change and differences. People seem to generally just feel the most "safe" surrounded by people that are similar to them or people they are familiar and comfortable with. The same sort of thing happened before with blacks and whites. There was a lot of hatred and fear because many white people weren't comfortable with black people near them because they never had experienced it before and people only told false stories to scare people and give them more fear. Just as that issue seems to be healed with the passage of time, I think the same will be true with homosexuality. More and more people are coming out. More people are becoming "comfortable" with the idea and are realizing they have nothing to fear. This gets passed on through families and friends. If you know people who are accepting you may start to become more accepting yourself as you realize there is nothing to fear.

People are scared of things that their don't understand and usually that the "religion" can't explain. Homosexuality exist everywhere, in every religion and culture. Some are more accepted than others.

People need to be educated. Homosexuality was practised openly by Greeks thousands of years ago. We accept inter racial marriage, inter culture and inter religious relationship, why can't we accept relationship between two people of same sex?  Time are changing, and more people are understanding that homosexuality is not a "disease". We need to educate people on the prejudice.

From: ZELDA7:
I do know one thing, the people who scream their hatred of homosexuality the loudest, are the ones who claim to be followers of Jesus.

Many of these haters learned this hatred by people in their churches.

They all failed at Jesus 101.

Jesus of "judge not, lest you be judged" taught us to love everyone.

No where in the bible does Jesus discuss homosexuality, but he did make friends with prostitutes.

He set an example that his followers do not like to acknowledge.

These same people don't believe in helping people who are homeless and hurting in our society so apparently they failed to read The Sermon on the Mount as well.

Jesus spoke of the same hypocrites in his day, the ones who filled the churches and prayed in public.

From: TREhugHIP:
It's all based on fear. Fear of someone taking what you have, fear of someone changing your way of life, fear that someone will find out what you're hiding. Fear of everything. They hide behind hate and religion because it makes them feel better to be able to explain it away. I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have no issue with that. What I take issue with is the people that feel it necessary to force their opinion on others. It's no different from when there was slavery. People were afraid because they were different. If you can beat someone down so that they feel they are nothing then you're safe. In their minds, no one can hurt you if you scream loud enough that you're right and you're better than them. Ask any young adult who used to be a bully and they'll tell you. They bullied people because they felt badly about themselves. They want the attention on someone else so that no one sees what's wrong with themselves. It's sad and it's wrong but as long as the majority stay silent and allow it to go on, it will. People need to be vocal and educate. Or at the very least let others know that it's not okay.

From: HEYmacs:
Many people who 'bash' homosexuals are often homosexuals themselves or have had some number of homosexual experiences. They are usually deep in the closet and need to protect themselves from scrutiny. Pointing the finger at homosexuals when they are homeosexual gives others the illusion the liar is holier than though and also an out when/if 'caught'. The devil made em do it and all that.