M I S S I O N: Our vision and goal is to educate people about gay culture in order to promote mutual  respect, harmony, tolerance and positive change.
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who we are and what we do
The project:  On Camera Interviews, Video Lectures, Testimonials, Statements and Stories are part of this website.  Presented by distinguished scholars, scientists, professionals, artists, gays, straights, mothers and fathers, friends or just about anyone who has anything positive to say about the gay culture.
The portal is aimed at promoting truth and facts about the history and today’s reality of the gay community by providing high quality didactic or personal contents not only to a general public but also to faith based communities who might not have real information about the gay culture and their contribution to society.

Gay Culture Education project is being used as a information and learning platform.

More than ever we need to reach out to the straight community and inform/educate them about our contributions and importance in society.   Our vision and goal is to CREATE HONEST IMAGES of gay culture in order to promote mutual respect, tolerance and positive change.

Gay Culture Education Project –
We are a group of dedicated and creative people, gay and straight, who produce educational material/media about gay culture through CULTURESonFILM, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.

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to STOP all forms of bigotry and hatred based on fear and misinformation.